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Hopefully explained as firefighter proof as I can

  • This website is wholly owned by EMS Training Resources and not affiliated with Jefferson College or WVEMS, however you must be a student in one of those regional programs.
  • This site is totally free, no refunds!
  • Be professional while posting in forums, and contacting other students
  • If something does not work as it is supposed to email us at emstrainingresources@gmail.com.  DO NOT CONTACT THE INSTRUCTOR FOR PROBLEMS, they will most likely look at you funny.
  • If you find a question that is incorrect please feel free to look up the correct answer in as many references as you would like.  Please go to sleep with the knowledge that you are smarter than the question writer.  I will go to sleep with the knowledge that  I have duped someone into studying a few extra hours on a bad test question.  IT IS NOT MY INTENT TO CORRECT TEST QUESTIONS, IT JUST IS WHAT IT IS.
  • If you have a good study resource send it to me and I will put in the student collaboration section.
  • The information is to aid you in your studies, but it is not intended to contraindicate your instructor.  They are the ones that are responsible for content that they present. The information here is believed to be correct, but as with life no guarantees.
  • If someone approaches you about a CPR and First Aid class, and you don’t teach or know someone else that teaches it, before you just tell them that you don’t know then feel free to give them our contact information in exchange for this site usage.

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